Jonathan Simmonds Snr (1781~1852)

Jonathan Simmonds Snr was born in 1781 in Barton, Suffolk. He was a Shepherd. He married Mary Bragg (the daughter of George Bragg and Alice Jackman).

Children of Jonathan and Mary Simmonds b1811 b1812 b1812 b1814 b1816 b1818 b1820 b1820 b1822 b1824 b1828
James Simmonds William Simmonds Robert Simmonds Jonathan Simmonds Jnr Thomas Simmonds Susan Simmonds Isaac Simmonds George Simmonds Abraham Simmonds Daniel Simmonds Marianne Simmonds
  d1839 Aged 27 d1813 Aged 1 d1888 Aged 74 d1874 Aged 58 d1885 Aged 67 d1895 Aged 42       d1861 Aged 1

Jonathan died of supperation into the knee joint on 12th July 1852 in Bury St Edmunds and was buried at St Mary's Church, Rougham.


Source Material

Cemetery Record for Jonathan & Mary Simmonds
Cemetery Names Photograph Inscription
St Mary's Church, Rougham, Suffolk

Jonathan Simmonds Headstone - Jonathan and Mary Simmonds

To the memory of Johnathan Simmonds
who departed this life 12th July 1852
In the 72nd year of his age
Though lost to sight to memory dear
Also Mary his wife
who died 25th May 1856
aged 73 years

Mary Simmonds