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Harry Thomas Gosling

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Updated Gosling Family Tree

The Gosling Family Tree has been updated to include the descendants of Cecil Harry Gosling.

Arely Kings School Photograph

We have received a copy of a photgraph taken between 1910 and 1914 showing Pelham Simmonds and other School boys of Areley Kings School gardening.

The names of the boys and the schoolmaster were written on the back of original photograph and so are assumed to be correct. They include Billy Milward, Cecil Glaze, Arthur Watkins, George Kendrick, Gilbert Breakwell, John Cook (Schoolmaster), Pelham Simmonds, Ted Jones, Harold Morris, Jack Dimblebee and Tommy Ward.

Areley Kings School Photograph

For more information and a larger image click on the image above or goto the page for Pelham Simmonds.

Sidney George Gosling

Details added about a 1939 Walsall Lithographic patent (506076), credited to Sidney George Gosling, regarding the production of composite labels incorporating metal foil.

Information Required:
William Arthur Gosling

William Gosling, Corsica, WW1

The photo above is of William Arthur Gosling (shown on the right) and was taken in Corsica during the First World War. We would welcome any information about William Arthur Gosling , born in 1891 in Wookey Hole, Somerset, or any information regarding his time in Corsica.

Simmonds Family

Information Required: Areley Court

Areley court, Stourport

Asaph Simmonds worked as a Domestic Coachman at Areley Court, Areley Kings, Stourport around 1905. He was in the employ of Edward A. Broome a worsted manufacturer for the carpet industry. Unfortunately the house was destroyed by fire in the late 1930's and remained derelict until it was demolished in the 1980's. The gate house still remains as a private residence on the main road. We would welcome information about the house or its owners.

Welcome to the Gosling & Simmonds
Family Website

This website is the result of many years research by Andrew Gosling and Jennifer Kelly. This has involved long hours on the Internet, visits to public records offices getting dizzy from reading microfilms, tramping around graveyards, searching through old newspapers and driving family members mad with endless questions!

Summary of Research into Gosling Family

Mabel Hiffernan, Homestead Rolla, British Columbia

Mabel Hiffernan, Homestead
Rolla, British Columbia

The Gosling side of the family can be traced back to Thomas Gosling Snr who was born in the late 1700s although at the moment we know little about him. However, we do know that Thomas Gosling Jnr was born in Somerset and that the family stayed around that area until Sidney George Gosling moved to Walsall in the West Midlands where he worked at the Walsall Lithographic Company.

George Morgan Gosling was a prominent member of the Bristol Master Builders Association and he also spent some portion of his life in the Transvaal, South Africa where he took an active part in the construction of the railway to Kimberley.

Mabel Gosling (daughter of George Morgan Gosling) emigrated to Canada and married George Hawke Hiffernan, a Canadian serviceman who she met at the Beaufont Hospital in Bristol where she was a volunteer nurse during World War One. The photograph above is held in the South Peace Historical Society Archives, Dawson Creek, British Columbia and shows Mabel Hiffernan (nee Gosling) on the Homestead at Rolla.

Summary of Research into Simmonds Family

Asaph Simmonds, Areley Court, Stourport

Asaph Simmonds
Areley Court, Stourport

The Simmonds side of the family can be traced back to Jonathan Simmonds who was born in Suffolk in 1781. The family stayed around the Suffolk area until around 1905 when Asaph Simmonds moved to Areley Kings in Worcestershire to work as a Domestic Coachman for E.A. Broome at Areley Court.

Pelham Robert Simmonds moved to Areley Kings with his father Asaph and later he lived in Stourport-on-Severn where he had his own shoe repair business.

The photograph above shows Asaph Simmonds working as a Domestic Coachman at Areley Court, Areley Kings, Stourport employed by Edward A. Broome.

My Family Tree

The following Family Tree is a simplified version showing only the direct ancestors with respect to myself, Andrew Gosling. More comprehensive Family Trees for both the Gosling and the Simmonds families are available to download in PDF format.

Simplified Family Tree Asaph Simmonds Edith Ellen Parish Abraham Simmonds Caroline Bugg William Simmonds Sarah Spink Pelham Robert Simmonds Phylis Rose Herbert Jean Evelyn Simmonds Andrew John Gosling Thomas Gosling Snr Mary Thomas Gosling Jnr Hannah Tippet George Morgan Gosling Clara Matilda Wilkins Sidney George Gosling Elizabeth Amelia Jones Howard Herbert Gosling Jonathan Simmonds Mary Bragg

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